The Community Profile feature provides a ready-made report for all communities across Canada that includes graphs and tables of various socio-economic indicators such as education, income, employment and population for 1996, 2001, and 2006.  These indicators are tabulated for the selected community and at the regional, peer group (similar communities within its province/territory), and provincial/territorial levels.
The profiles show trends and changes at the local level which can help to inform local decision-making.  The profiles are provided as a free resource to communities so that they can reduce the amount of time and resources required to obtain and analyze community level data.


Possible application of the Community Profile include:

  • Email the URL to parties interested in your community's socio-economic profile
  • Provide a direct link from your community's website to your communities profile
  • Save a PDF copy of your community profile and provide it for download on your community's website.
  • Print your community profile




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Rural Fact

Some provinces' rural communities gained population over 2001 and 2006 (e.g. Alta (+4%); Ont. (+2.5%); Que. and Man. (+2.4%); BC (+0.7%) while other provinces' rural communities lost population (N.L (-5.6...